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National Collegiate Trust in New Jersey – What To Do


Who is National Collegiate Trust?

If you have a private student loan, there’s a chance that National Collegiate Trust might be trying to collect from you on that loan. This entity is a trust that holds private student loans that originally were issued by a major bank such as Bank of America or Chase.

How do you know whether your loan is with National Collegiate Trust?

The truth is that you really can’t know for sure. But when National Collegiate Trust files a lawsuit against you, their name often appears on the court papers with a number after it, such as 2007-1, for example. That’s how you’ll know that they are involved with your private loan somehow?

What do you do if you are sued by National Collegiate Trust?

If you have received any court papers, attorney papers, or anything with the name of National Collegiate Trust on it, contact a student loan attorney as soon as possible. There are special problems with National Collegiate Trust student loan lawsuits that don’t exist with other kinds of student loan lawsuits. For example, there are real legal questions regarding whether National Collegiate Trust can prove that it owns your private student loan. This trust may have other problems in court as well, but it really requires the assistance of a good student loan lawyer to help you out in court.

Attorney Jennifer N. Weil is very familiar with the problems that National Collegiate Trust can run into once they have filed a lawsuit against you on your private student loan. If you have received New Jersey court or attorney papers on your National Collegiate Trust student loan, please contact Jennifer N. Weil as soon as possible at: or at (201) 676-0722.

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