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Letter to editor about NJCLASS is right on


In the August 28, 2014 edition of the Times of Trenton newspaper, a reader wrote a letter to the editor urging changes to the NJCLASS student loan rules. According to the published letter, the letter writer happens to be an employee of the State of New Jersey. He complains that while NJ state income-tax money comes out of his check, a significant portion of each paycheck again goes back to the State of New Jersey to repay his NJCLASS loan, which is administered by HESAA, a state agency.

The letter writer makes an extremely good point in saying that HESAA seems to be turning into a private organization with little oversight, given the way that it is allowed to operate. NJCLASS loans have no flexible payment plans and no loan forgiveness programs such as the ones that Federal student loans carry. Instead, HESAA puts its resources into debt collection.

This is one letter to the editor that is right on the money, so to speak. He hits the nail on the head when it comes to NJCLASS loans and HESAA. If you’d like to read the letter, here is the link, for however long it lasts.

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