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Attorney Jennifer N. Weil interviewed about NJCLASS loans

The story appeared first in ProPublica and the New York Times, jointly, about the inflexibility of NJHESAA regarding NJCLASS loan repayment terms and the aggressive tactics the state agency uses in collecting these loans. The New York Times story is here: NY Times story on NJCLASS and the ProPublica story is here: ProPublica story on NJCLASS.

Then, NJTV reported on the story, producing this segment: NJ Students Find HESAA Loans Unforgiving

If you are thinking about taking out an NJCLASS student loan, you should carefully consider the information presented in these stories. Student loans these days can be quite large due to the ever-increasing costs of education; therefore, you should take extra care when deciding who your lender should be.

If you’ve taken out NJCLASS loans in the past and you’ve defaulted, you may wish to seek legal counsel. Attorney Jennifer N. Weil offers consultations about student debt problems; please call (201) 676-0722.


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